The Rhyme of Prince Leander

Poetry by Griffith H. Williams.

This chapbook, printed on a letterpress in 1996, contains an original poem inspired by Shelley’s "The Revolt of Islam." In my poem two brothers are conspirators in a war of liberation. They find that they can only achieve the goals of their revolution if one betrays the other. What is the proper course of action? Set in 10 point Times Roman type, printed on the old family press (an 1888 Golding Pearl) at East Point in North Idaho, The Rhyme of Prince Leander contains 6 pages of poetry and is illustrated with an original linoleum block print.

In the mystic past of a distant land
The turn of an empire did lightly lay
Beside a deathbed, terrible and grand,
Upon which an ancient king passed away.
Travel there with me, my friend, take my hand,
Condescend to hear what I have to say
And see if the rhyme of Prince Leander
Can bestir echoes of that lost grander.


Letterpress Edition: $10

(in-person only)