Rapture of the Deep

Rapture of the Deep is an original poem focusing on the nature of love. Written in Spenserian stanzas, this poem supposes that a mortal helmsman is able to sail on the sea of inspiration with John Lennon, Percy Bysshe Shelley and Sappho. They engage in a debate about the nature of love, and the helmsman is pressed into service as judge. The book is illustrated with three original linoleum block prints and boasts delicate borders on each page. It represents my first sustained use of color inks.

If ever a man looks like Apollo
Percy Bysshe Shelley is the golden man.
And he is pure gold, he isn’t hollow.
No base alloy in this Promethean.
His skin is brown as an Arcadian.
His hair curls gold, good as coin of the realm!
His visage, like a true Olympian,
Can absolutely awe and overwhelm.
So I swoon, slip and swing as I cling to the helm.


Blurb edition: $25

Letterpress Edition: sold-out