Air Heart Sonnets

Poetry about Amelia Earhart by Griffith H. Williams.

This chapbook of poetry, printed on a letterpress in 2009, contains a series of original sonnets telling the story of Amelia Earhart, America’s famous aviatrix. Air Heart Sonnets has been handset in 12 point Twentieth Century Medium type and printed on an antique Chandler & Price 10 x 15 in Kenmore, Washington. This handsome volume contains 12 pages and is illustrated with three original linoleum block prints.


They have searched for you through many a year
Amelia, woman of wonder and wings,
But I have seen you where the sky is clear
And the sun so hot the Pacific sings.

The albatross wheels over endless waves
With a heart of sky that I know is yours.
Some need monuments over musty graves
But your markers are wings where freedom soars.

From a world of constant demands you rose
To the quiet of flight on a bed of air
And your place of rest is known to those
Who follow wherever sweet breath is rare.

The albatross never lands in my view
And Amelia, I sing the same of you!


Letterpress Edition: $20

(in-person only)