I Woke Up

Poetry by Griffith H. Williams.

This chapbook, printed on a letterpress in 2007, contains an anthology of original poetry exploring the theme of boundaries. I Woke Up was handset in 12 point Caslon Old Style type and printed on an antique Chandler & Price 10 x 15 in Kenmore, Washington. This volume contains 24 pages and is illustrated with two original linoleum block prints.

Twenty-Four Questions, One Answer

Of all the paths I never tried,
Of all the dreams I couldn’t ride,
Of all the steps I didn’t dance,
Of all the times I missed my chance,
Of all the games I never played,
Of every choice I never made,
Of every hand I did not hold,
Of every gift I blindly sold,
Was there a page I should have turned?
What lesson have I never learned?

What can I do but try to try,
What can I keep from flowing by,
Who can I be but purely me,
Where can I look and finally see,
When will I know what I should know,
When should I come, when should I go,
What should I lift, what should I hold,
What secret kept, what story told,
When was I strong, when was I weak,
Where is the answer that I seek?

The only choice is build not break.
The only worthy task is “Make!”
The only gesture is to touch.
No limit says I’ve loved too much.
I know my arms were made to reach,
I know my mind was made to teach.
The only word I know is “Care.”
The only hope is when we share.
The way to find the answer starts
When doorways open in our hearts…
When doorways open in our hearts.


Letterpress Edition: $20

(in-person only)