Bardic verse, in English, by Gruffydd Hirwallt.

This chapbook begins the legend of Prince Madog ab Owain Gwynedd, the historical 12th century Welsh prince and explorer. Welsh sources show that he discovered America in 1169 and later guided a large flotilla of settlers to take up residence there. My own grandfather told me stories of Welsh Indians. This poem reveals the royal intrigue in Wales that forced Madog to raise sail and look to the west.

Printed on an antique Golding Pearl letterpress at East Point in North Idaho, this beautiful book incorporates original verse and hand carved linoleum block illustrations.

Grief stained his face, gruff stone framed his form.
Bold internecine war raged in storm.
Look princely lad of Gwynedd, Madog,
Free your eye of the misty-tear fog.
Peer past parapet, son of Owain,
Behold the sight behind all your pain:
Outside the gate of old Aberffraw,
On land once tamed by your father’s law,
Your brothers fight to succeed their sire:
Feudal law lays out fatal desire.
Brothers fight to hold heritage fast
As dust of war flies with lust, at last.


Letterpress Edition: $20

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