Myrddin’s Breakout

This chapbook uses my bardic name, Gruffydd Hirwallt. It is an original long poem exploring what would happen if Nimue woke Myrddin from his long sleep in the crystal cave.

The letterpress edition was handset in 10 point Times Roman type and printed on an antique Chandler & Price 10 x 15 in Kenmore, Washington. Exquisite hand carved borders and three original linoleum block illustrations were printed on an 1888 Golding Pearl at East Point in North Idaho. This is one of the more handsome books I have published.

The poets of old said that Myrddin would arise
When his mountainous home needed him most of all
And I’m not one to say that those prophets told lies,
But he rose up to answer an earlier call.
The symmetry of life sang to him of his fate
And he woke at the need of his searching helpmate.


Blurb Edition: $10.00

Letterpress Edition: $20 (in-person only)