Body Poetic

Poetry by Griffith H. Williams.

This chapbook of poetry, printed on a letterpress in 2021, contains a series of original poems paired with antique illustrations from an anatomy textbook. Body Poetic has been handset in 12 point Twentieth Century Medium type and printed on an antique Chandler & Price 10 x 15 in Kenmore, Washington. This handsome volume contains 36 pages.

Couple of Parts

You've got a lot of guts!
Likewise a lot of nerves.
We also know you're full of heart
As well as angles and curves.

People call you a brain.
Down deep, babe, you're bloody.
Your muscles are as tough as nails;
No body double, buddy.

Sometimes, true, you're an ass,
And me, oh I'm a prick,
But together we're steady hands.
Such a symbiotic trick!


Letterpress Edition: $20

(In-person only)