Relative Einstein

This is the most challenging book yet produced by East Point West Press. Relative Einstein is an original parody of Prometheus Bound, by Aeschylus. The physicist, accused by Jehovah of the theft of nuclear secrets, stands bound to the Scythian rocks where Prometheus once suffered for his theft of fire. Mahtma Gandhi, Marilyn Monroe, Dylan Thomas, Hermann Göring, even FDR and Eleanor are called into the tale before all is told.

Volume One (Einstein Bound) is available in a letterpress edition as well, featuring linoleum block prints and detailed borders which showcase equations from the Theory of Relativity. This is a handsome as well as thought provoking book. Twentieth Century type, handset and printed on a Chandler & Price 10x 15 letterpress, complete this volume.

Einstein: All I did was to follow my own true nature.
I will do that, even now, until I am free.

Gabriel: Oh yes, you followed your own true nature, indeed.
So tell me, great hero, where did that nature lead?
Did you not know humanity any better
Than to give them the secret of atomic force?

Einstein: Did God not know humanity any better
Than to make Einstein and hide a secret from him?


Blurb Edition: $20.00

Letterpress Edition (Vol. 1): $30 (in-person only)