New Bell Toll a Noble Tale

Bardic verse, in English, by Gruffydd Hirwallt.

This chapbook, printed on a letterpress in 1994 under my bardic name Gruffydd Hirwallt, contains original poems about the Welsh-American experience. The majority of the poems are written in traditional Welsh forms. Set in 6 and 10 point Modern type and printed on the old family press (an 1888 Golding Pearl) at East Point in North Idaho, New Bell Toll a Noble Tale contains 18 pages and is illustrated with two original linoleum block prints as well as one antique copper illustration.

Music Seed

My knife has carved a mellow reed – now flute.
New flights of song are freed!
Music grew to meet my need
From sprouting bulrush seed.


Letterpress Edition: $20

(in-person only)