Tag Lines

Poetry by Griffith H. Williams.

Tag Lines

(A Loose Leaf Book)


(in person only)

The year 2022 seemed to be a good time to experiment with reinventing the book. Over the past decade, computer technology and ebooks have changed the world of publishing. How can an antique letterpress respond to these new times? Here is a novel approach taken by East Point West Press. Tag Lines constitute a loose-leaf book. Short poems, and single lines sampled from longer poems, are printed on old luggage tags, which are hung on a pegboard. These are displayed at local galleries, poetry readings and lectures throughout the Puget Sound region. Part business card, part artist trading card and all poetry, pick up a free Tag Line!

Music Seed

My knife has carved a mellow reed -- now flute.
New flights of song are freed!
Music grew to meet my need
From a sprouting bullrush seed,