Taffy Yank

Poetry by Griffith H. Williams.

This chapbook, printed on a letterpress in 2006, was written for my grandson, Connor Lynn Evans. Taffy Yank tells the tale of a seafaring cat who ships out to battle rats across the oceans of the world. Handset in 12 point Caslon Old Style type and printed on an antique Chandler & Price 10 x 15 in Kenmore, Washington, this chapbook contains 12 pages and is illustrated with two of my most popular linoleum block prints.

When a low tide by a nighttime pier
Reveals a treacherous rock,
Sailors tell lies to conquer their fear
Of a truth that haunts the dock.

Whispers of pirates and maps … all lies.
Likewise tales of ships that sank.

But the truth is told when the wind cries
The cry of Taffy Yank!


Letterpress Edition: $20

(in-person only)