East Point West Press

15524 81st Ave. N.E.
Kenmore, WA 98028

East Point West Press is all about letterpress poetry. My name is Griffith H. Williams, poet, illustrator, printer and binder. Within my rustic one man shop I use an antique letterpress to print volumes of original poetry. Each book, whether a hardback collectors’ edition or a limited run chapbook, features original linoleum block prints. My books, often written in formal verse, cover a wide range of topics; nature poetry, historical verse, mythological themes, lyrical reflection, and poetry for children. Many of my poems follow the formal structures of Welsh bardic verse. Each book is beautifully printed on acid free paper and hand sewn to create a timeless work of art. Books form the backbone of my catalog, but I also print original greeting cards, broadsides, Poetic Licenses and Tag Lines.