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Harp Strings

This English language anthology, spanning 25 years, collects the bardic verse of Gruffydd Hirwallt.
Welsh Woolens

Lyrics dry on low racks in the sun -- wool.
Wild bards want to run
But their wool, once washed and spun
Knits the many into one.                     

Poems that time combs from Cambrian hills -- poems
(Pompous with ancient frills)
Wrap words against ancient chills.
All hail the scale of their skills!     

Words that rhyme with time and tradition -- words.
Warden with a mission,
Shepherd beyond attrition,      
Condense the Welsh condition.

Words woven on a loom consummate -- cloth.
Clothing for the Welsh fate,
Designs that we designate          
The Welshest things we create.    

Harp Strings:  The Bardic Verse of Gruffydd Hirwallt
                                                                              Paperback version $15.95